Our facility is capable of boarding twenty six cats in kitty condos (all of which have a window view), designed with cat nappers for their comfort. We have video entertainment for our feline friends around the clock and we have a special  playtower that includes carpeted ramps (good for scratching), two hideaways, and catnip filled toys to swat.

Our cat suite has a private window perch, a cat condo tower with a scratching post and catnip filled toys to enjoy. This suite is large enough to accommodate three cats comfortably.

Boarding Costs:

  • Cat condo $17.00 per day per cat
  • Cat suite for one cat $22.00 per day
  • Cat suite for two cats $36.00 per day
  • Cat suite for three cats $50.00 per day

Basic play package:

  • 30 minutes free play time in cat condo, catnip treat $5.00

Gold play package:

  • 30 minutes of brushing and pampering, catnip treat $7.00

Premium play package:

  • 20 minutes free play time in cat condo; 20 minutes of brushing, catnip treat $9.00

Boarding Requirements:

All cats boarding with us must have an up to date:


Feline Leukemia


Fecal or deworming