Featured Team Member: Jon Caughey, DVM

Dr Jon





1. How long have you been a part of the AMC team?

 I joined the AMC team fall of 2014.

2. What drew you to this profession?

I have always had a love for animals. I did not have a pet at home when I was young and it made me all the more interested in pets.

3. What is your favorite part of your job?

 Playing with new puppies!!

4.What hobbies or interests do you enjoy outside of work?

 I enjoy sports, scuba diving, and traveling. 

5. What pets do you currently have at home?

 We have 1 dog, Aero.

6.What would a perfect day at AMC be like for you?

 The perfect day at work would be coming in at 10:00am, seeing all healthy pets, then after work margaritas.  

7. What is a perfect day for you outside of work?

A perfect day away from work would be scuba diving in the morning relaxing at the beach or pool, and watching sports in the evening.

8. If money were not a factor, where would you choose to spend the rest of your life? 

The Caribbean!!