My Boy George – By Lyn Rodzianko




  George was a small kitten rescued from a pipe while we were stationed in Keflavik, Iceland. There will never be another George. All dogs were his friends and children were HIS children. He was a Mother to many a fostered kitten and survived many trips overseas. He was more human than cat.


Like any pet owner, I was diligent about keeping George’s vaccines up to date. What was NOT done yearly perhaps shortened his life….


  At ten years of age, George suddenly began to have health issues. I was distressed to learn at the first of many ER visits that George had advanced dental disease and was in immediate need of a dental procedure. The distressing thing to me is that this was never recommended to me during past clinic visits. Poor George had to have all but 4 of his teeth extracted.


  Dental disease WILL affect the overall health of your pet and the examination of teeth should be part of any yearly exam. Yearly dental cleaning may be advised and is something which should not be ignored or delayed. George’s dental disease ultimately caused kidney issues which had to be managed for the rest of his life. Blood work done at the time of his dental procedure also showed he had developed thyroid disease. This condition also had to be managed with long term medication. What would have happened if I had delayed doing the blood work and the dental procedure?


  As your pet becomes older, it is important to consider yearly exams and routine blood work to identify potential changes and/or problems. If these changes are caught early, they can often be managed with simple changes, such as diet or medication.  I regret not knowing the importance of preventative care and wonder whether having done so would have prolonged the life of my dear George. I miss him.