Congratulations on your retirement Lyn!!








If you have been part of the AMC family for any period of time, you’ve likely met Lyn during one of your visits to our hospital with your pets. After 16 years of service here at Animal Medical Clinic, Lyn Rodzianko has retired!  Last week was a very bittersweet week for the team here at AMC as we reminisced and gathered to say our farewells to someone who was such a big part of our clinic family.

Lyn joined our team in November of 2000 after moving here from Washington, D.C.  and became an indispensable part of our team. She is always the first to welcome our new team members and mentor them as they learn how to keep up in our busy hospital. Lyn is like a second mother to all of our younger team members and always has the best advice for any situation.  She is always the first to jump in and lend a hand when it is needed whether it be a day when we are short staffed, at a community event, or just making sure the laundry doesn’t get forgotten.  She is also the one on our team who knows how to repair EVERYTHING and where all the extra supplies are hidden! Lyn said the things she would miss the most would be the time spent with a team who over time became like family and teaching new pet owners about caring for their dog or cat.  We hope Lyn won’t miss us too much and will be dropping by to visit us frequently…and maybe bring some cookies by for us to eat.

We hope you will join us in wishing Lyn a big congratulations on her retirement and good luck in all her next adventures!!!!