Meet the Team Monday – Meet Courtney Bayles

  1. How long have you been a part of the AMC team?

I joined the AMC team 2 years ago.

  1. What drew you to this profession?

My love of animals and my passion for helping

3. What is your favorite part of your job?

I love learning new medical procedures and meeting new puppies/kittens!

  1. What hobbies or interests do you enjoy outside of work?

I have many hobbies including kayaking, running, time together with friends, traveling, woodworking, and making trash into treasures.

  1. What pets do you currently have at home?

A German shepherd mix, a German shepherd, and 2 cats.

  1. What would a perfect day at AMC be like for you?

Upbeat, busy, and full of puppy love

  1. What is a perfect day for you outside of work?

Perfect weather to hang out outside with my husband and dogs.

8. If money were not a factor, where would you choose to spend the rest of your life?


courtney turtle

courtney gator