While visiting the doctor usually isn’t something anyone looks forward to, we want to try to give our patients the least stressful and most fear free visit possible. Both pet parents and their pets are often stressed and anxious about visiting the veterinary clinic. At Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek, it is our goal to give your pet the most comfortable visit possible which will allow them (and you) to be less anxious about future visits and allow us to provide the best care.

You may notice during your visit that we try to manage all of our appointments to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Our visits may differ from what your pet is used to and there are many techniques we employ to make the environment of our office more comfortable for your pet:

  • Wellness Visits at home for pets who are too anxious to come into the office
  • Pet Acoustics music in the exam room geared specifically for dogs or cats to help them relax
  • Feliway pheromones are used in our lobby and exam rooms on towels for our feline friends.
  • Sound reducing noise panels are placed throughout our facility on walls and ceilings to help reduce noise
  • Natural light bulbs are used instead of fluorescent bulbs
  • Food, Toys, and Attention are used as aides to make your pet more comfortable. Please let us know if you or your pet have a specific food allergy and we should avoid any specific treats
  • Anti-anxiety medications for pets who are fearful about visiting the vet
  • Our veterinarians and many of our team members have received Fear Free Certification training. This means they have special training on how to help an anxious pet who is visiting us

If your pet is coming in for a visit, we would like to make some recommendations on ways to make the visit as comfortable as possible for you pet. Please click the link below for dogs or cats for information on things you do to help us make each visit great:

Making your dog’s visit stress free

Making your cat’s visit stress free