Thank you for trusting Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek with your cat’s care.  We want to make sure your cat’s visit is as stress free as possible to make the visit a positive one for both of you.

  • A day or two before the appointment, put the carrier out where your cat can check it out. Leave the door open so he/she can go inside if he/she wishes.
  • It is recommended to purchase a pre-visit care package from us. It includes a Feliway wipe for the carrier, Gabapentin to administer orally, and a sachet of catnip.  Feliway is a pheromone that can help calm cats in stressful situations.  Gabapentin is an oral medication that will help to calm your cat.  It is administered the night before the appointment, and the morning of the appointment an hour before arrival.  It can be administered in capsule form, or broken open and sprinkled on canned food.  It is also available in a liquid.
  • Give yourself and your cat lots of time to get to the clinic. Feeling rushed will cause you both unnecessary stress and anxiety. If you feel like you can’t make your appointment time give us a call and one of our reception team will go over other options with you.
  • It’s best for your cat to be hungry upon arrival. That way he/she will be receptive to treats during the visit. Also pets that get carsick will appreciate a mostly empty stomach for their car ride.
  • All cats should arrive to the clinic in carriers. This is for safety reasons, and to help reduce stress.

Our patient care team is prepared to help with patients upon arrival at the clinic. Any team member can:

  • Come to your car to get your cat out of your car and bring you both through a private entrance away from other pets.
  • Put you and your cat directly into an exam room, as soon as one is available, upon arrival.

If  your cat requires these or any other special accommodations please let our reception team know when scheduling your appointment.

We look forward to making your experience at Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek as positive as we can.