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If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes and is currently receiving insulin injections, then your pet requires special care from our boarding team. After years of boarding diabetic cats and dogs we have come up with a new comprehensive boarding package for your pet’s stay with us. In developing this package we look at the most common factors we face when boarding pets with diabetes including:

  • Boarding can be a stressful activity and result in increased glucose levels in both dogs and cats.
  • When boarding some dogs and cats eat very little or at times refuse to eat their meals altogether.
  • Diabetic pets that begin vomiting while boarding.
  • Increased urine output (beyond what is expected from diabetic patients).

In order to properly care for your pet, we will include the following in every boarding stay (in addition to the routine boarding care): Daily BG check, Urine glucose strips if necessary, Urinalysis if necessary, appetite stimulant if prescribed by the doctor, alternative foods to promote interest in eating, and administration of insulin. The total cost of boarding your diabetic pet is 45.00 a night. In order to provide your pet with the very best care while you are away, and to give you peace of mind knowing your best friend is stable, happy and comfortable, all diabetic boarders must first meet specific conditions and requirements.

  • The diabetic boarding assessment must be completed PRIOR to your pets stay with Goose Creek Bed & Biscuit.
  • If recently diagnosed (within the last year), a copy of your pet’s last glucose curve
  • You must bring your own food for boarding.
  • Bring your insulin and all syringes with your pet.
  • Fill out the diabetic insulin schedule for our boarding team.

Additional conditions:

Once in boarding, if your pet refuses to eat or is otherwise doing poorly, your pet may be hospitalized at your expense. Hospitalized boarding can range from $65-$75/night + any additional medical costs associated with their stay.