Dog boarding options:

Pricing per night:

Indoor/outdoor run $39

Indoor outdoor run(2 dogs)  $69

Suites $55

Suites (2 dogs) $95

Small dog kennel $29


Additional TLC packages for dogs:

*Pup cup- a delicious blend of peanut butter and yogurt mixed and frozen.  $4

*Extra walk $7

*Playcare while boarding T-Th $15

*Enrichment activities- 20 minute private session tailored to your pups liking(puzzles, fetch, tug toys,  sniff and search)$15

Doggie Daycare(M-F) $20 per day

Puppy Playcare(T-Th) depending on season

930am-1200pm Morning Recess

1200pm-130pm Snack, Rest, and Relax

130pm-400pm Afternoon Recess

Must pick up no later than 520pm. Our lobby closes at 530pm.

$25 per day or 10 days for $200


Cat boarding options:

Pricing per night:

Single condo $20

Double condo $40

Double condo(2 cats) $40

Cat suite $45

Cat Suite(2 cats) $65

Kitty Daycare

Monday- Friday $20 per day

Additional TLC Packages for cats

*social hour-10am-430pm/ free time to mingle with other cats.  $15

*Brush out $15

*Catnip toy $3