At Goose Creek Bed & Biscuit, we understand the puppy psyche and their need to exercise. Boredom leads to destructive behaviors like chewing, licking, digging, or barking. Play keeps a dog’s body and mind active. An active dog is a happy pup, and our goal is for your pet to be as happy as they can possibly be. Our staff supervises your dogs as they play in our designated dog exercise areas, while getting in on the action playing fetch and other games with our guests. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that your dog is safe and well cared for at all times and each member of the staff is thoroughly trained in basic obedience, animal behavior, certified canine first aid and CPR. We have Playcare Monday thru Friday.

What happens during the day of  Playcare?

“Meet n’ Greet” & Breakfast time

Your dog will be greeted and escorted to his or her area to prepare for the day’s activities. Dogs who have not had their morning meal will be served breakfast. All dogs then will be safely introduced to new friends. Playgroups will be determined by size and temperament. Let the fun begin!

Morning Recess

Playcare dogs will have supervised playtime with access to both indoor and outdoor areas. An assortment of activities will be included. On hot weather days, we will offer doggie pool time for those who like the water.

Yummy Snack & Rest and Relax

Every dog will get a special treat and then time to take a nap. They will all go to their own area with a comfortable mat. They will listen to classical music as they rest their minds and re-energize.

Afternoon Recess

Same as morning play time. Plus each dog will get one on one time with one of our staff members who will work with them and teach them basic fun tricks.

Saying our good byes

Your dog will be eagerly awaiting your arrival. Your dog will reward you with a nice, relaxing evening at home.

All puppies must have at least 2 DHPP boosters and a Bordetella vaccination to join. By the time they reach 20 weeks of age they must have completed their DHPP series and have received both the Bordetella, Canine Influenza, and Rabies vaccine. All dogs must have a negative fecal each year.