Pamper your pooch with a relaxing spa day and make your furry friend look fabulous with our groomers at Goose Creek Bed and Biscuit.

Our groomer, Crissie, takes the time to perfect the details of each pet’s groom so they leave feeling great and looking beautiful from head to paw!

We use the Prima bathing system. The Prima system uses Oxygen that is mixed under pressure with the shampoo and water solution so that when it is released into the coat, it is fully activated for cleansing. The air-injected, low-volume, high-pressure applicator enhances the ability of the shampoo to cut through the oil and dirt clinging to the pet’s coat and skin, for a cleansing you simply cannot get with other methods.

The Prima Bathing Systems’ technology helps rejuvenate the pet’s epidermis by oxygenating underneath the fur, opening up the pores and completely cleansing them of oils and bacteria. This helps restore a youthful sheen and vigor to the animals coat, skin, and nails.  Your dog will be cleaner and smell fresher than with a regular hand wash bath. (

Grooming Menu:

Baths include shampoo, conditioner, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

Grooms include hair cut, shampoo, conditioner, nail trim, and ear cleaning.



Extra small



11-30 lbs




51-75 lbs

Extra Large

76-114 lbs



Short Hair Coat $25












Long Hair Coat $30














Groom $48 $55 $60 $75 $100 $115

Starting prices – price based on general bath/groom. Prices vary between animals; it depends on their behavior, how matted their fur is, and the size of the pet.

**Starred prices reflect 10% off discount while boarding. When making a boarding reservation, if you would like your pet groomed or bathed while they are here, we recommend that you make the appointment the day you make your boarding reservation.

A la Carte

De-shedding Treatment < 30 lbs. $15 >31 lbs. $25
Nail Grinding $5
Sani trim(rear, paws, and eyes) $12
Dematting TBD by groomer
Tooth Brushing $8

We invite you to take advantage of our frequent bather card program. Frequent bathers receive a free bath after their 10th bath.