Is it difficult to convince your pets to come to the vet?

Let our vet come to your pet!!   We are now offering routine wellness care and hospice care visits for your pets in your home!!

Housecall veterinarians offer many conveniences that traditional animal hospitals cannot. One of the biggest of those is overcoming the fear and trauma that many animals experience when taken from their home to a veterinary hospital. Many animals release pheromones (chemical scent signals) under traumatic conditions that linger in the air and may cause fear reactions in animals that detect them.

By examining your pet in their own environment, where they are more secure (and hopefully more relaxed), our veterinarians can better evaluate behavior and conditions which may be caused or aggravated by their environment. In addition, there is a lower risk of being exposed to diseases that may be floating around in a hospital waiting room. This is especially important for very young or very old pets and for pets with weakened immune systems.

In addition to the benefits for your pet, a housecall may make more sense for many owners. Since you won’t have to gather up your pets, drive to the clinic, wait to see the veterinarian and drive back home, there is less time wasted for you.  Our veterinarians can offer greater freedom in scheduling appointments and we try to work with your schedule.  Home visits are only available on specific days and our appointments book up fast and spots are limited, so contact our client service team to schedule your visit today!!

We are very excited to be offering this service to patients in the Goose Creek, Summerville, Moncks Corner, Hanahan, and North Charleston communities.