We have three veterinarians on staff for your pet’s surgical needs. Our doctors perform surgery Monday through Friday and take a team approach to each surgical case we see. Each veterinarian is assigned a licensed veterinary technician to monitor your pet (for heart rate, oxygen, blood pressure, temperature, and respiratory rate) through the entire surgery and recovery process in order to provide the best possible care for your pet. After surgery, your pet will receive the finest nursing and medical care and be reunited with you as soon as possible.

Our veterinary surgeons will work together to determine the least invasive and most effective procedures for your pet — whether it’s a spay, neuter,  mass removal or a more complicated dog or cat surgery such as gastrotomy/eneterotomy or orthopedic procedures.

We want to optimize the surgical outcome for each of the patients we see here at The Animal Medical Clinic of Goose Creek. For both pre and post operative pain, a variety of therapies are routinely applied, including Pharmacologic (analgesics) and Integrative (physical therapy and therapy laser).